48-cavity air-sealed PET preform mold

48-cavity air-sealed PET preform mold

1: Professional and technical experience in preform mold cavities ranging from 1 to 96 cavities.
2: The preform mold uses CAD software to design the preform shape according to the bottle to ensure the molding quality of the bottle.
3: The thread opening material of the preform mold is made of imported nitrided steel, manufactured according to international standards, with high hardness, each thread is ventilated, and has a long service life without deformation.
4: Preform mold core and cavity are made of corrosion-resistant steel, which is durable.
5: The preform mold adopts advanced hot runner design, so that each cavity can be independently temperature controlled, heated, and the temperature is uniform.
6: Cut-free gate preform mold, saving labor and raw materials.
7: The temperature of the hot runner nozzle is controlled separately. (To solve the problem of whitening and wire drawing at the bottom during the production process).
8: Needle-valve self-locking preform mold: each core, cavity, independent double self-locking, adjustable eccentricity, reduce eccentricity, ensure product concentricity, high precision. The mold has a long service life.
9: Support sample and drawing processing, provide new product development, one-stop service for injection molding processing!

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Introduction to Mold Manufacturing

Type Height(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Weight(kg)
6 Cavity 650 270 490 600
8 Cavity 480 360 490 595
12 Cavity 610 360 490 755
16 Cavity 740 360 510 960
24 Cavity 790 500 510 1415
32 Cavity 800 580 510 1600
48 Cavity 1120 600 560 2640
64 Cavity 1380 600 610 3545
72 Cavity 1170 800 610 4010
96 Cavity 1230 960 610 5050

The above data are based on a 16g preform with a PCO neck.

28mm Neck Finish 20g Water Bottle 21g CSD Bottle 48g CSD Bottle
12 Cavity Appox.2273pcs/h Appox.2160pcs/h Appox.1270pcs/h
16 Cavity Appox.2743pcs/h Appox.2880pcs/h Appox.1599pcs/h
24 Cavity Appox.3756pcs/h Appox.3600 Appox.2400
32 Cavity Appox.5008 Appox.4800 Appox.3031
48 Cavity Appox.7200 Appox.6768 Appox.4320
48 Cavity with robotic arm cooling system Appox.10164 Appox.9094 Appox.7000

Nuokang Mold has high-efficiency and high-precision processing equipment, including CNC machining centers, milling machines, lathes, wire cutting machines, EDM, etc. After years of hard work, the company has a strong technical force and a group of experienced designers. The entire production team will use CAD/CAM/CAE software to ensure that the manufactured molds have high precision and long life.